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Local unions are the basic unit of the Building Trades. There are locals with only a dozen members and some that number 30,000 members. Regardless of size, the principle of operation is the same. A local union exist because of the people, and the people are the union. Manufacturers, actors, firefighters, doctors...just about every organized collection of people have its own union.

Unions play an important function by giving workers a voice in the discussion on pay rates, benefits and working conditions - issues that affect their lives.   Each local union receives support from their International Office. While the International may provide guidance, advice, technical and legal help, locals exist independently and govern their own organizations.

Union members elect their own officers by secret ballot. All officers are empowered by the membership and are governed by the needs of the members. Each member has equal voice and vote at regular, democratically conducted meetings.

Organizing through unionism is a legal right. For more than 40 years, the law guaranteeing workers freedom to organize has been in effect: "Employees shall have the right to self organization to form, join or assist labor organizations..."

"It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employer - to interfere with, restrain or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed."
- The National Labor Management Act

The IBEW is an amazing team, and we want you to be a part of it. If you are happy working for your current employer, we want you both. You could remain in his employ AND receive the benefits that a collectively bargained agreement will guarantee. Your employer will also benefit from having access to more highly-skilled men and women and bring in more business utilizing the IBEW referral procedure.

As in life, myths surrounding IBEW organizing are more tantalizing than the truth. Can you tell which is which?  

•  The IBEW wants more members strictly to increase their funds by way of collecting more dues.

•  The IBEW will bring in non-union electricians, take their jobs, and put existing union members to work ahead of these new members.

•  The IBEW wants to put the non-union contractors out of business by denying them qualified electricians.

All of these are false statements about the IBEW and their organizing motivations.

The truth is the IBEW is a labor organization dedicated to the Labor Movement. This means that their members believe that all working men and women are entitled to the same wages and benefits, regardless of whether they are working on jobs that must pay prevailing wages due to federal or state laws or whether they are in the IBEW.

As workers, the IBEW believes that contractors should compete on their business abilities and their estimating skills, not on how little they can pay their employees or on the degree of poor working conditions their employees will tolerate.  

If the workers do not join together, both wages and working conditions will deteriorate. Without the presence of the Union, electrical work would be another minimum wage industry.  

Up until a few years ago the electrical industry in Northeast Ohio was on a negative spiral. Non-union electrician wages were steadily going down and Union wages were stagnating. Only recently the wages and benefits have been on the rise in both sectors. It is no accident that this has happened.   The reason wages and benefits have risen is because the IBEW is organizing.   When workers band together, contractors know that they can no longer drive wages down by telling you to take it or leave it.

To learn more, without any obligation or concern about your present employer finding out , contact IBEW Local 666 today. We'll answer all of your questions.

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